Slick was very quick to learn his chin-on-the-ground shaping exercise and proudly shows it off whenever he wants a treat. He is now working on keeping his chin on the ground for longer than two seconds.

He had his first snowfall experience and loved every minute of it. He didn’t even seem to notice the chill on his feet. He stuck his nose right down into the new cold, fluffy, white stuff, and a thrill was born. It’s a good thing, as he’ll be experiencing winter for the next six months or more.

He attended the Halloween puppy class dressed up as “Slicknado” and tried bobbing for wieners. Sadly for him, he didn’t understand the object of the game and left every single wiener in the bowl of wienie water. That didn’t upset him, though, because he was at a party with all of his dog friends and a steady supply of kibble.

Slick’s favourite outing is always Thursday night puppy class. Afterwards, he falls asleep in the car and heads to bed once he gets home, exhausted from the evening’s excitement.

Submitted by: Tracey