Snow July 2015 20150620_124037 %281024x576%29After Hawaii left, I was bored. I kinda miss the little guy but Shea came over for the weekend. It was nice to play with someone my size. We had really nice weather here so I got to go out on long walks and the off-leash park a lot. I visited the library and tried to read the Hunger Games: Mocking Jay, but I didn’t like how the story was heading. I really enjoyed helping out at the high school and letting all the students pet me before their exams. At the end of month we traveled to Vancouver and I got to visit other PADS puppies while I was at their class. It was a very fun class and I got to play in the off-leash park with all of them afterwards!

Snow July 2015 20150629_190310 %281024x576%29 Snow July 2015 20150701_125619 %281024x576%29 crop

 Submitted by our stupendous PADS Puppy-in-Training, Snow, and his PADS Snow July 2015 20150701_114204 %281024x576%29Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Carmen Lau & Nghia Vu.