Snow May 2015 20150518_125755 %281024x576%29    Snow May 2015 20150605_195807 %281024x576%29 with Hawaii

Snow May 2015 20150603_184638 %281024x576%29I had a sleep over party with Hawaii for 3 weeks! Everyone thinks he’s cute but I don’t think so. He steals my treats and toys. Aside from that, he’s very fun to play with ’cause he’s feisty. We went everywhere together, even the Calgary Police Service Headquarters! We both got to meet Hawk. He’s got a police badge! How cool is that!!

My people thought it would be good “Leave It” training to put pizza in front of me. It was torture but I survived! I had a picture as proof!

Snow May 2015 20150603_173221 %281024x576%29     Snow May 2015 20150607_172035 %281024x576%29 with Hawaii

Snow May 2015 20150603_185428 %281024x576%29Submitted by our PADS Puppy-in-Training, Snow, and his PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Carmen Lau & Nghia Vu.