Snow Sept 1Snow Sept 2Originally, when my mommy and daddy heard about the theme of this pupdate, they were shy and took a family shadow photo. I didn’t think it was a good idea, so we took another one. My mommy raiser is Carmen and my daddy co-raiser is Nghia. I love both of them but I prefer mommy more πŸ™‚

I take them to puppy class every week and I think they are learning as much as I am. My mommy’s work place doesn’t let me go to work with her, so I go everywhere with my daddy during the day. In the evenings, we practice commands, which I think are too easy. Over the weekends, we do adventurous activities and when I am too excited, I sometimes forget my manners. My raisers must love me very much as they are still very patient with me.

Enough about them though, how do I look? As handsome as ever?

Submitted by our awesome PADS puppy-in-training, Snow, and his incredible PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Carmen Lau & Nghia Vu.