Soho Sept 1Hey everyone!

I just wanted to tell everyone what a lucky boy I am! I have so many friends at home- and they are all SO much fun!

The big orange kitty is Zeca – she can be a little particular but she has warmed up to me (it must be the good looks!).

The other kittens are new additions, so I have had the pleasure of showing them dog stuff – like how to give people the puppy-dog eyes (they are learning that it really works!).  For such younglings they are really coming along.

Even though I love the cats, having another dog in the house is kinda nice. That’s Jackie – the Jack Russell terrier! We get along really well and there is no end to the energy from that little dog! It is sometimes hard to keep up with her!

And, of course, don’t let me forget my puppy raiser, Amy. I am a pretty lucky boy- I get to go to school with her every day! How cool is that?!  She always tells me I am such a good boy even though most of the day I sleep under the desk (who wants to listen to those lectures anyway— boring!)  We make a good team.

…until next time!


Submitted by our awesome PADS puppy-in-training, Soho, and his incredible PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Amy Barnett.