Hey PADS Village. Sorry, this report is so late this month, but my hooman tells me there were some “technical difficulties” with the system. Hmmmm . . . do you think there could be some technical difficulties the next time he wants me to work??!!

I can hardly remember April. Except for a great time at the beach, the walks in Pacific Spirit Park and my time with Michelle and Eugene, two of my favorite sitters. Now don’t get me wrong. My hooman is my BFF. But sometimes it’s nice to get a change of scene and have some sleepovers at a new place. Sure – it takes a little getting used to, but it always ends up being fun!!

But then there’s that “work” thing. Standing around doing nothing may be easy for my hooman, but sometimes that’s not how a dog works. We gotta move; we gotta run; we gotta sniff. So standing still for 3 minutes, no moving, isn’t easy. I mean, unless there are treats involved?? Are there treats?? Are there?? I’ll do anything for a treat!!

Submitted by: Kevin