Okay – so I know I’m just a dog, but I don’t get it. It’s a sunny day. No rain, no clouds, no grey skies. So why are we indoors? There are parks to explore and trails to check out. Heck, I’d even enjoy a walk in the mall. Come on, hooman – let’s go!!!

February was a great month. The sun comes up a little earlier every day, so I get up earlier every day. My morning walks are a bit longer, so I get to stretch my legs. Which is a good thing, because we are doing all sorts of strange training drills indoors these days. I’m using the “perch” cue a lot. Using the perch is easy. I just stand there with my front paws on the little stool, and I get a treat!! Which is pretty cool!! But moving around the perch is a lot tougher. If I can’t see my hind legs, do I know they are there? How do they know to move all on their own? And then there’s the move where I have to step backwards onto a little platform—same problem. I can’t see those hind legs, so I don’t know where they are or where they’re going. My hooman tells me it’s called “hind leg awareness.” Which is easy for him to say – he’s only got two legs, and they are both in plain view!! So it’s kinda frustrating, but I’ll keep working at it.

We’ve been going to a place called Brockton Oval a lot lately. My hooman likes to run around in circles. (And he thinks I’m weird!!???) But when he is done, he takes me for walks in the park’s grassy parts or down to where the water is. I don’t know which I like more . . . the great smells from the grass or the great smells from the water.

Hey . . . can we go now??!!

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