Wait a second – what just happened there!!??  One minute it was June, and then it was gone!!  So I guess it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun.  ‘Cause I’m having a blast!  So there . . . . take THAT, stupid pandemic!!

Maybe the best thing is that my hooman has started leaving me with some new friends, and it’s been great. Whether its playing on the swings and slides with Yin, or hanging out on the deck with Barbara, it’s not hard for me to have a good time. Maybe that’s why they call me such a “chill” pup.


But it’s not all play!!  My hooman and I work a lot as well.  Lately he’s been getting me to practice what he calls “endurance”.

One day we were walking on the seawall, and I had to sit perfectly still for 5 whole minutes, even when a group of little kids came by.  I still had to sit still when a group of big kids and their dogs came by. 

It was really tough… and sometimes kinda boring…but the rewards and scritches when we’re all done make it worthwhile.


Now we’re doing what he calls “Mark and Move”, which I think is just another name for playing with my hooman!!

Submitted By: Kevin Hisko