So I don’t know about you guys, but I think this “COVID” thing (whatever that is??) has got to stop.  It’s putting a real wrench in my play times.  It seems like my hooman is getting stressed, and it’s just not fun.

At least we are playing more at home.  Sometimes my hooman will play “tug” and “go find it” with me in the middle of the day – for no reason – just because it’s fun.  I sometimes have to remind him when it’s play time – especially when it seems like he is spending too much time at the funny computer things.  But a poke with a wet nose generally reminds him that there’s more to life than work.


Last week, we met up with PADS Cirque and we got to run around together off-leash, at the park.  What a crazy time!  Cirque is the best!!  We spent a lot of time just running around the same tree, her leading and me chasing.  I caught up with her a couple of times,  but I think that’s because she let me.  Even the on-leash walks in the park are great now that the weather is so much better.

Submitted By: Kevin Hisko