Hey, fellow PADS Pups – is it just me, or does it seem like things are starting to lighten up a bit. Not just the weather, but with all those hoomans out there, they seem a little more relaxed. There’s more smiling and laughing. My hooman even took me to a patio restaurant this month. Except he wanted me to sit under the table the whole time – I didn’t like that too much!!

But I had some great visits this month – PADS Sitters are great people, aren’t they!!! And my hooman took me on a long road trip to somewhere called Oliver. I didn’t like that too much either – the road was too twisty/windy, and I couldn’t get settled.

But he says I’m getting better at a lot of my cues. These days I can almost always remember which side is “heel” and which side is “side.” And lately, we have been working on “turn,” although it seems like a waste of time to me. He also wants me to do lots of “perch” and “jump on” to make sure I know the difference!! Duh!!!

I really love the early mornings, even if my hooman makes me stay in bed. And the long days are great – although I’m still pretty sleepy by 7. Maybe that’s because my bed/pillow is the best place in the world!!

Submitted by: Kevin Hisko