Hey everyone – I turned 16 months old in November and my hooman tells me that I have to start acting like an adult!!! Who is he kidding??!! 16 months!! I still have a lot of “puppy” in me.

We are still training almost everyday. My hooman introduced a new cue this month: “heel”. Which means I’m supposed to take a sitting position right beside him on his left hand side. Sounds easy right? But it’s not. What if you smell something really interesting and want to check it out instead? Or what if you are working in a skateboard park and would rather play with those guys? And do you have any idea how hard it is to know if he is saying “heel” or “here”? Especially when he’s wearing that funny mask! And now he tells me we are going to start with “side”. Oh brother!

But I still got to have a lot of fun this month. I spent a few days in West Vancouver with my new BFF Sharon. And I got to go on an off-leash run in Pacific Spirit Park with PADS volunteer George and Mudge. She was there to make sure I didn’t get lost. As if!

Submitted by: Kevin Hisko