Hey PADS Village – well this “puppy-training” thing keeps getting better and better. This month my hooman took me on one of those big things that fly in the air. And after about 5 hours, we landed and we were somewhere else. It was like magic. I had to pee real bad, but I held it until we were outside.

And then it was two weeks of crazy fun times with my hooman, his family, his brother’s dog “Oreo,” the Ottawa River, a back yard, something called fireflies . . . I went to bed every night totally exhausted, but I couldn’t wait to get going again the next day! What a great trip. I am sooo happy.

But I’m also a little sad because on the weekend, my hooman told me that our time together had ended and that I was going to be staying with Gwyn and her PADS released pup Phie. My hooman and I were together for over 2 years and he is my best friend and I’ll never, never forget him.


Spark, let me add a line here.

For the last 25 months, he has brought nothing but joy and happiness to me. The last 18+ “pandemic” months were pretty tough, and he helped me get through them. He’s an amazing pup and I am very, very proud of him!!

Submitted by: Kevin Hisko