April brought another month of new experiences for me. We had an in-person puppy class at a busy hockey rink, and although I was excited to see all my puppy pals, I worked really hard to attend to my human. Boy, was I tired after all those sounds, smells, and hard work (pictured is me snoozing on the drive home)! I also spent a week with a new sitter (family), and I got to walk to school every morning with their young humans. Near the end of the month, I had surgery to be spayed, which made me very tired as I recovered, but I am now back to my peppy self! My humans were proud of how well I wore my cone to stop me from licking my stitches. I have been attending more social events with my humans, including a dinner party at a friend’s house with other puppies, babies, and even rabbits! Here’s to another great month.

Submitted by: Valerie, Griff, Barbara Marshall