Spring was super excited to be dropped off on her first day at Puppy-U! She was so happy to be around her new classmates, sights and sounds. She met her bunkmate, Zion, who has been here for a while. Zion was showing her the ropes (i.e. How to do the biggest puppy eyes to receive extra treats from volunteers). Spring has made fast friends with Wroxy and Zion. They enjoy lounging together outside before their lunch break, basking in the sun. Spring is in Puppy-U with her dad, Robbie! She’s got a bit more spunk than her dad, but they are very similar in the sense that they both enjoy their naps and can have a stubborn streak when they feel like it. She has the goofiest ears and a forehead like her dad. We took it easy over the last two weeks and didn’t do much besides basic obedience, settling time in the office and playing in the yard. Spring is a very good girl and is keen to show us her manners that she learned while with her raisers. Her sitters now have commended her empathy and kind nature in the home.

Spring has adjusted seamlessly to her new advanced sitters, handlers, and dog friends! Spring enjoys staying close to her handler and is very level-headed and calm. She enjoys working for her handler, even if she doesn’t get it right the first few times. She is always eager to try again! A quirk that we are working on is her overarousal with other dogs around while on leash and off leash. Spring does have a decent amount of impulse control and is trying her best to reign her beans in when it comes to seeing other dogs out. So far, she’s been doing very well in this department. Spring has shown us how much love and care you’ve all put into her being her. Spring has impeccable manners, is easy to be around and is a lovely dog in general. Nice work all!

Thanks, everyone, for all your love and hard work with Spring!

Submitted by: Advanced Training Department