I just sprang (sorry to be so punny) into my raisers’ life on January 29th. I thought since she has taken about a million photos already, we should do a January pupdate!

Photographer Bill Ng took some amazing photos of Teri & me on pickup day. We had a good connection right out the gate, and Bill captured those moments beautifully.

One of my first outings was to a coffee shop, which I took in stride, settling very nicely onto my blanket for a nap. Walking the block to the cafe tuckered me right out.

I love the woodsy walks with Halo and my pals, but my little legs cannot go the distance, so lucky me, I get to ride in the frontways backpack to warm up and take a nap.

You can follow my Instagram page: pads.velvet.spring or Facebook: PADS Velvet & Spring. Velvet was Teri’s last pup. She moved on to Advanced Training, so that I will be sharing my page with her for the next few months.

Submitted by: Teri Banks