This will be our penultimate Pupdate report for Spring, as she has been called up for Advanced Training. Her turn-in date will be in early August.

Spring has had a really active and fun month. She attended an Indigenous Storytelling event, a small classical music concert and an outdoor jazz concert. In all these settings, she settles nicely and soaks it all in. 

We have also gone on various BC Ferries, both large and small. She is quite accustomed to all the noises and vibrations. She also knows that she will soon be enjoying the thrill of the Gulf Island beaches. That includes a little off-leash time to splash in the water. We use that as an occasion to practice our “Here” command, which she does well. She also willingly “trades” a stick for kibble. She often tries to trade the same stick multiple times, but we have gotten wise to her tricks! 

Spring loves working and aims to please. We are very happy that she has shown such good progress and will be moving on to higher education. 

Good luck, pup !!

Submitted by: Griff Marshall