November was another exciting month! I got to go to my very first Canucks game (tickets generously donated through PADS)! There were lots of people, and it was very loud, so I was glad to have my humans with me. I’m positive I was the lucky charm that ended their losing streak…although it seems like they may need me to attend another game soon with their current record! 

One of the little humans in my life has recently started daycare around the corner, and I enjoy going to pick her up at the end of the day and hearing all about the fun things she’s done. I have had many outings to the mall, grocery store, and coffee shops over the last few weeks. I spent a few days with a sitter and enjoyed meeting new people in new places. I even dabbled in a bit of politics by attending a town hall meeting and greeting our local MLA, Suzie Chant. I visited a friend in the hospital, which brought a lot of smiles to many of the patients and staff as we walked around. 

Time sure does fly; I’m looking forward to my birthday at the beginning of December and many more reasons to celebrate next month!

Submitted by: The Marshalls