Wow, October was another fun month full of exciting outings and new experiences. 

I had another trip to Hornby Island to spend Thanksgiving with my humans. I get really excited to visit the beach (there are so many great smells), and I also got to check out a couple of horses on one of my walks (they are very curious animals, so I watched them keenly from a distance). 

I made my humans proud during our 10-month “Walk and Talk” with our trainer, Nicole. She could tell how hard I have been working on improving all my skills so I can be the best service dog I can be! 

I also learned about a special night called “Halloween,” where all sorts of princesses, superheroes, and other creatures knocked on my door all night! It was fun to see all the spooky decorations around the neighbourhood too. There were lots of fireworks throughout the night, but they didn’t bother me one bit. 

Thank you for all your support! Talk to you next month! 

Submitted by: The Marshalls