Strudel is a lovely dog who enjoys other people and animals in a curious and happy way.

We drove on highway to go to a cadet training centre to visit our son.  Unfortunately the highway closed due to a fatal accident. I took Strudel for a walk and found a bus load of air cadets (13 years old) heading home after their summer training.  They had missed lunch and were going to be very late in getting home. I brought Strudel to them to help calm them down and distract them from what was happening.  She improved their moral and made the very difficult day pass easier.  She did a great job while also remaining in control and well behaved! 

We also had Cobbler with us that weekend.  Every time we looked into the back of the car, they were cuddled differently. One of the many cute photos is attached. Strudel turned 1 on August 7. Her birthday photo is attached!

Submitted By: Cherie MIchels