Strudel has missed working, but the world’s situation has provided us with a couple of interesting training opportunities. 

While walking, people obviously do not want to interact with animals or allow animals to interact. This has really expanded Strudel’s ability to ignore other people and other animals. She is doing great. We still have some room to learn, but what an improvement.

In order to combat boredom, my children have turned our backyard into a mini golf course. Once a day, we play mini golf. Strudel’s job during this daily event is to sit by my side and ignore the little white balls flying everywhere as well as ignore my pet dog who is chasing them throughout the yard. She does perfectly every time! Her reward is playtime with our pet afterwards (and kibble during). Meanwhile, my pet dog is happy to accept treats and then happy to steal flying balls. Strudel astutely ignores them.

Submitted By: Cherie Michels