Sumac-2014-12-5Sumac has been having a lot of fun being out and about. He has been to a couple of “de-stress’ outings for SFU and Douglas College. He loved all the attention. He absolutely loved the snow, wanted to be out all the time, doesn’t quite feel the same about all the rain!



He has been to the aquarium, was very fascinated by the jelly fish. He enjoyed all the Christmas festivities including going to the mall to check out Santa. He continues to work on his training. A trip downtown yesterday was very successful. Lots of stuff on the ground; he worked very hard at his “leave it” command. We met another working PADS dog “Galaxie.” So nice to see a client benefiting from having an assistance dog. (Sumac was very impressed.)

Sumac is a joy to be around and will continue to work toward a hopeful advanced training situation.

Submitted by our awesome PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Lori and Dan Peacock.