Just being Cute!!!Hello Everyone,
Sumac has had a very busy month. He was neutered in the beginning of May, he came through with flying colours, such a brave puppy! He went to the May Day Parade and had his picture in the paper, he loved the parade, none of the noises or commotion bothered him..He loves to get out and about and is doing very well with his behaviour in public situations..He has recently been camping at Lillooet Lake, he had a very good time, playing with lots of other dogs, so much so that he was the first one to bed every night! He is working hard at his commands, with the new addition of fridge tug and light switch. Sumac is enjoying the nice weather, but we had to have a talk about bees, he doesn’t understand that if you bite them it will hurt!

 – Submitted by our fabulous PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Lori and Dan Peacock