It was an interesting month for weather in Calgary: it started cold but now it is very warm! Right at the start, I got to go out and play in a snow storm. My raisers said it would probably be the last outdoor playtime for a very long time, though – which is sad because they are a lot of fun.

I have learned so much this month! I have learned to “perch” and to “go-in”, as well as perfecting my loose leash walking! Part way through the month, my buddy Rocket came to live with us and I have really enjoyed having a playmate again. I got to go to a new place called the “dentist”. It smells a little bit different there, but everyone is so nice. They had a basket for personal belongings, but they did not mind me using it as a bed even if it was a tight fit to get into.

We finished off the month at a lake where everyone was outside everyday, because it was so warm! It was lots of fun there and I got to work on my recall and we played fun games like hide-and-go-seek (my raisers called it “find-me” though). I got to go on the water in these things called boats and once – with my raisers watching – I went in the water for my first swim!

Submitted By: Robin Bruder & Ty Brooks