Well, I guess that computers can be “glitchy” things sometimes. I can’t find my recent pupdates here. No problem – I will just have to catch you up on my whole summer. First of all, it has been verrry hot here this summer. We don’t have air conditioning at my house, so I had to learn to make friends with electric fans. At first, I was a bit reluctant, but soon you could find me directly in front enjoying the breeze. 

I went on lots of very early morning walks, hikes, and swims this summer to beat the heat of the day. I also went camping a couple of times. I am really good around the campsite. It is no problem for me to be tethered contently on my bed waiting for the next adventure. We visited lots of new places. I got to go swimming in a bunch of different lakes and creeks. I love swimming and am learning how to be careful around people in the water so that I don’t accidentally scratch them. I was also able to show off my public skills as we visited some new towns. Here at home, I went out for dinner a few times, as well as going to the dentist and hairdresser. They say that I do very well in these places and keep talking about my “patience.” 

It was a pretty fun summer, but I really think that my shiny black coat is more suited to slightly cooler weather. I think that fall is going to be a welcome relief!

Submitted by: Pam & Rob McGregor