Taiga Moved for PADS in the month of June, teaming up with her pal and mentor AFD Iris, which included a visit to the middle school where Iris works—it was a great experience to meet the students and see AFD Iris in action. Taiga is learning fast, developing her skills and doing well at settling in public places.

She joined the PADS team at the White Rock emergency responders open house meeting many police, fire and other first responders where she offered a cuddle or two. Along with several shopping trips and coffee shop stops, Taiga also attended the pup class Summer BBQ picnic which was great practice for dog distraction among all the many dogs—so much fun!

The month wrapped up with a week’s stay with her favourite sitter lady who took her on her first Skytrain experience—that apparently went smoothly.

Submitted by: Sandi Chapman