Tansy is settling in to nicely to advanced training!  She’s rooming with Van and having lots of fun playing in the yard with Dorado, Elphie and Pan.

Tansy is a lot of fun and has been doing really well with her first few weeks of training.  At first she when she was showing interest in sound work, she was also excited by everything and more easily distracted.  With a few more sessions and using a few techniques she is much more eager about the timer and more focused.  She’s understanding how to play the game and having a blast.  She has even started to work on her paw alert.  Right now she is just working with a timer and soon I hope to add another sound into the mix.

Her main challenges will be for loose leash walking with keeping her little nose off the ground (warriors want to explore!) as well as dog distraction.  We have been working on this and we are already making some good progress there. 

I hope we can continue our progress in both areas because Tansy could make a real great hearing dog and she’s off to a very nice start.  I’m excited to see her grow and learn!

Submitted By: Ashley Siddals