Last month of 2022 Taurus spent quite efficiently:

1) he attended an in-person training class at an indoor ice arena in Burnaby (the best class he has ever had), where he tried to stay calm around other PADS dogs, watch figure skaters from an elevation, walk with his handler properly (including up/down the stairs);
2) visited a children’s entertainment establishment and behaved there very well despite a lot of noise, light, food and little kids (also practiced his “go-in” there);
3) attended a professional hockey game in Abbotsford (where he was transported in a car trunk because he is a big guy now);
4) enjoyed some shopping in a big store (he likes yellow and blue color combinations);
5) spent a few days with a wonderful couple of sitters and their pet assistant – Gambit the cat;
6) watched a very long movie at a very big movie theatre;
7) had some “chin rest on the ground” and “multi-critter” training,
8) finally lost his last deciduous tooth;
9) on December 31st, he received New Year gifts that he will be happily eating, taking care of his teeth with, playing with and being trained within 2023.

A month of outdoor training is ahead!

Submitted by: Ella