Taurus’ two most important themes of July were learning to coexist under one roof with another dog and dealing with quite a lot of teenage barking.

After a week of adjusting to living with a younger pup, Taurus found the right approach to Peach II; he treats her gently and kindly.

He is still very interested in communicating with all the other dogs he gets to meet outdoors. πŸ™‚

We keep working on his recall, loose leash walking, side/heel, and ability to hear commands with food around. We look for ways to overcome Taurus’ barking: by following our cohort instructor’s suggestions, by letting him rest a lot, and by helping him feel more confident. We hope that he will eventually learn how to deal with his emotions toward whatever causes discomfort to him.

This month we mostly socialized him outdoors so that he could enjoy all the opportunities summer weather gives us.

Submitted by: Ella