Taurus did not notice where the time between February and April has gone…he only remembers that he continued to work on his old cues, adding duration, distance and distraction to some of them, but he remembers his new experiences the best.

For the first time in his life: he spent a few days at a hotel (and was lucky to get his feet wet in Osoyoos Lake), watched (from inside) how his car is being automatically washed, accompanied his raiser into a Gr.2 classroom for some reading time, watched all sorts of activities in Abbotsford entertainment park, and finally was allowed into an off-leash dog park to play with his PADS pal Camilo and another wonderful older dog (he was so happy to cool down in the river afterwards).

Taurus continued visiting different malls, pet stores, hockey arenas, restaurants, and other public places; he was also invited by PADS Captain for a walk around Como Lake and had a playdate with his older mentor (Portuguese water dog).

In April, Taurus is planning to work on the training plan that he received from his cohort instructor Heather C. (he already purchased a couple of new toys that he may need for this training).

Submitted by: Ella