Taurus’ first day with us was Sept.20th. After getting used to each other, we started our journey of mutual training πŸ™‚ Taurus received two new beds, a few new toys, three kids to play with, a lady who feeds and trains him, and finally, a tall guy (lady’s husband) who became a co-raiser. From exploring the backyard and then surroundings of the house, Taurus advanced to walking to a local Elementary school (to watch kids playing at recess time), driving to local Costco/Walmart/Home Depot, watching hockey games at Port Coquitlam Community Center, and then to Pitt Meadows to accompany three kids to their music lessons where Taurus had a playdate with a wonderful Portuguese Waterdog (who is older and wiser, and had enough patience to play with the silly pup for an hour). On October 1st Taurus had a grooming day (bath, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and a bit of toothbrushing – toothpaste was yummy, but the toothbrush is a nuisance!)Taurus is turning 5 months old tomorrow (Oct.3rd, 2022); he is growing fast. He is a smart dog that loves food, toys, water, people, and other dogs and loves smelling everything.

Submitted by: Ella