Happy Summer Everyone!

This month I’ve finally broken the 60lbs mark and am proud to say I can confidently jump into the car by myself (the raiser is very happy about this). In class, we’ve been working hard on the 3 D’s (duration, distance, and distraction) with our stationary cues, I’m not always a fan of when my raiser walks away from me, but I’m learning she always comes back and gives me food if I do a good job.

We attended a PADS fundraiser at the Vernon Total Pet, and I got to see almost all of my PADS Okanagan friends. It was one of the first big events I’ve been to with multiple dogs, and it was a bit chaotic at first. However, the human said everyone did very well, and we even managed a few group pictures with (almost) everyone looking in the same direction.

Finally, Uncle Tiller and I had 2 awesome play dates this month. At the beginning of the month, we met our pal PADS Jax once he recovered from his neuter surgery (we may have destroyed a stuffy, but it was well worth it). Plus, at the end of the month, I got to meet my Grandma, Retired PADS Izzie and another uncle PADS Melon. It was a great family reunion, although I apparently did not inherit the swimming gene.

Well, I’m going to go watch Uncle Tiller swim in the pool from my nice dry patio.


Submitted by: Sarah Markson