April began like most months, train, treat and repeat. I am now 6 months old, and it seems like I am growing and getting stronger by the day. Sometimes Lise struggles with my leash but hasn’t let go yet. I guess she is getting stronger as well in order to handle me. 

Spring arrived last month with longer days, but we are still waiting for the sunshine. Lots of rain is good for the garden, and I really don’t mind it, especially since Lise still takes me on my walks. She is a real sport. She says that my walks are part of my training, so she wouldn’t miss them for the world. We always have a towel at the door to dry my dirty paws and get some of the rain off my fur. 

Lise says that my house manners a really good. I never get in the way when she is in the kitchen. I usually lay quietly while she prepares food, and sometimes she makes a batch for my kongs to go into the freezer. I know if I am a good boy, she will give me one. Another snack that I love is my licky mat smeared with peanut butter. 

We have our weekly classes and daily training. Lise tries to keep my training sessions short and focus on one skill at a time. Small achievable steps are much easier on us pups, and I usually nap after these sessions to let it all sink in. It is important to build and reinforce good behaviour and learn how to manage problem behaviour, and know when to ask for help. Our focus this month is on keeping me calm and managing my barking.

More adventures of Thor coming in May 

Submitted by: Lise Fillion