July started off wet but became hot and stayed hot for the rest of the month. Our class schedule changed for summer, but that didn’t change our learning as Lise makes sure we practise our skills regularly so that I don’t forget the important things I have learned.

Lise took me to a “new to us” local park in East Van; when we arrived, it was very busy, and it was difficult for me to contain my excitement. We walked around the park while Lise tried to calm me down, but I have to say it was very difficult with so many people, lots of little ones and other dogs. Lise said we will come back during the week when there would be fewer people. So many great places to explore.

I had some time with two different families during this month, the first family had another PADS dog named Zegen, and we went on a few great adventures to Pacific Spirit Park and got to be off-leash, exploring and sniffing in this wonderful forest. When Zegen’s raisers called puppy, puppy, puppy, I followed Zegen, and we went back to them. Lise and I have to practise more of this for my recall and park experience. Zegen and I became great pals, as you will see in our pictures below.

The second family I stayed with had three little humans, and we played and cuddled lots. And they took me to their young son’s baseball game, and it was lots of fun. Having three little humans makes for very busy home and lots of activities going on. I have to learn to settle better as at home, and it is just Lise and me. The little boy named Ethan read me a story before bed and on my last day with them, we went to see my name’s sake movie “Thor” which was really fun at first, and then I fell asleep, it was because it was dark . . . I am pretty sure.

I was happy to get home and see Lise and Chase the cat, something about the old familiarities of home.

Looking forward to more new and exciting things in August.

Submitted by: Lise Fillion