It’s October, and that means I will be one year older later this month, on the 22nd. Lise told me one of my sisters’ raisers has organized an Avengers litter 1st Birthday Party. We are so excited.

Our life is normally busy with our regular outings, which are all opportunities for training and learning for both Lise and me. During classes this month, we reviewed elevator protocols and safety rules for us puppies in training, as well as some rules to remember for when we wear our yellow capes in public. We also learned ‘heal’ and ‘right.’

We had two classes via zoom and two in-person classes; one was a field trip to the Aquarium, which was very exciting with so many new things to see and smell. I think Lise enjoyed it as much as I did.

Lise took me to a really big mall called Metrotown. She had something to pick up at the Bay, which is at the beginning of one Mall entrance. Then we walked all the way through the mall to the other end. Lise said I did really well, and she was very proud of me.

We saved the best for last, the Avenger’s litter 1st Birthday Party. We met up at a park where I got to see five of my litter mates and their raisers. The day was so much fun playing with other pups off-leash down by the river; it was just the best day ever. We also had lots of yummy treats, even a dog birthday cake and Lise brought Pupcakes to share too.

Stay tuned for more adventures to come.

Submitted by: Lise Fillion