September usually signals the end of summer but not this year. We have enjoyed a very warm and dry summer with no end in sight. This means lots of time outside for us and walks around our neighbourhood and to the parks.

This month was less busy than August, but we still had lots of outings, our regulars to the Safeway and London Drugs. We had two in-person classes, and the other two were via zoom.

I really like our in-person classes as we get to see other dogs and meet new people. We stay in our own space and work on what our trainers instruct us to do. We are working on my duration and practising body handling; I have grown so much, and it can be quite a challenge to handle.

I attended a few medical appointments with Lise at different medical offices and even went inside a hospital. Lots of people to see, but we have to remain focused and engaged in what we are doing. People tell Lise how cute I am, and I am pretty sure she knows that.

Next month I will turn one, maybe there will be a party.

Submitted by: Lise Fillion