Hey everyone, it’s Thresher here! It’s been another eventful month!

I’ve been working hard with my training and settling as usual. My hoomans have been saying that I’m making improvements on kennelling every day, and it really doesn’t seem that bad to me anymore. Although I’d much prefer being with someone, it’s not too bad to have some peace and quiet in the kennel. Hoomans say that work-life balance is important, so I get plenty of me time as well! I’ve been really enjoying relaxing in different places.

This month, I met a little friend who loves me. She read books to me, sang me some songs and even drew a picture of me! My hoomans also took me to a place with lots of loud sounds and flashy lights. It’s a bit hard to sleep through everything, so I just lie there and try my best to relax.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good week so far. Talk to you soon!

Submitted by: Tina L.