Hey everypawdy! I turned one this month! My hoomans bought me a cake and made me wear a party hat and a special bow. I don’t feel any different but I loved the cake! Earlier in the month, I also attended my furiends’ birthday party. I loved the company and the treats that they prepared.

Now that the weather is so nice all the time, we are going out to trails and parks almost every day. In fact, I went on my first hike at Golden Ears Park. The journey was long and warm. When we finally arrived at the beach, I was so hot that I jumped into the water by myself.

At the beginning of the month, our puppy class also had a BBQ where I met more furiends and my brother, Triton. I was so happy to see him but I contained my excitement since I know that treats will come my way if I keep calm. I hope I can see all my siblings soon! I really miss them!

Submitted by: Tina L.