Hey everyone! It’s Thresher here! At the end of last month, my friend, Cappuccino passed away and things haven’t been the same since. I really miss her but my hoomans say that she is in a better place now.

I visited Ikea for the first time. There are hoomans of all sizes walking around and looking at different things. My hoomans ask if I wanted a shark stuffie but I wasn’t interested. It looked nothing like me but it seemed very soft! I was also able to visit all my cat friends this month. Pearl has stopped hissing at me and is okay with me being nearby now. Jet sniffed my paws and Spike said hello with some distance. During the visit, I saw a raccoon for the first time!

I also attended my Uncle Alex’s high school graduation ceremony! And I even saw PADS Benji working and being on the stage with hundreds of people around. Perhaps that will be me one day!

Submitted by: Tina L.