Hi everypawdy! I’ve been going out a lot in public and outdoors quite a lot nowadays since the weather is warmer. I still have to wear my jacket, which is something I don’t mind anymore! I get a lot of compliments when I do, so that definitely helps. My auntie and my friend Comox have taken me and the hoomans to a couple of different trails, so we’ve been enjoying that quite a lot. They say that I always come back when they call me. Sometimes I will even turn my head back if I’m ahead to check on them!

Last month, I also went to the skating rink for the first time! It wasn’t too cold, and I liked the blanket that I had. For the next couple of months, we actually have a special guest staying with us. Her name is Cappuccino, and she is a guinea pig that’s almost 6 years old! She is very sweet, and we both get special treats when we just lie on my dog bed. I also got to visit my friend Pearl the cat, for a week. She didn’t like me at first, but later on, she sniffed me and didn’t seem to mind having me around.

Recently, we got an opportunity to be pawfessionals at the orientation at the PADS campus. My new friend, Antonio and I were so good; everyone commented how calm and well-behaved we were.

Overall, it’s been a busy month, but I loved it since I get to be with my hoomans and different friends of all shapes and sizes!

Submitted by: Tina L.