We had a couple fun training challenges this past month.  Tilly finally got to use her jumping skills to learn “jump on” and “off”.  She was natural with this and loves jumping up on things.  When we take her to a beach or dog park she’s always jumping onto logs and high objects. Perhaps it’s because she’s a little vertically challenged, so she wants to see the world from a higher vantage point.

Tilly is also working really hard on her duration sits and downs.  She got as high as 1:30 in a sit and 3:00 in a down, which is pretty impressive from little “Miss Instant Gratification”.  We also continued to work on recalls in busy environments, at which Tilly is doing incredible!  She will recall from the highest distractions and come right back to sit in front of us.

For fun, Tilly did another camping trip in June at Manning Park.  She got to meet a few new friends, relax by campfires, go paddle boarding again and do some really big hikes.  Tilly really LOVES the outdoors and natural environments and she is super well-behaved even off-leash when camping. She’s such a good girl.

Also a huge highlight for June: Tilly got to meet her sponsor, Joanne, and she got her new favourite toy we call “Elefun” because he’s an elephant and Tilly thinks he’s the most fun.  Tilly was super well behaved when she met Joanne and you could tell she wanted to impress her with all she’s learned so far.  I could tell she cared deeply for Joanne from the first minute.

Submitted By: Tyler Brown