Tilly got to go camping this month.  We went away for the May long weekend and Tilly had an amazing time! 

First off, it was a 6 hour drive and she was amazing in the vehicle the whole way.  She napped most of the time and was really well-behaved for a long drive.

For the whole 5 days camping, she was a total sweetheart.  She stayed around close and was very attentive to us all the time.  She wasn’t scared of anything, even the campfire and swimming in pretty cold water.

In the night she slept in a tent without being in her kennel and she stayed on her bed the entire night.  Even sometimes when she’d get a scent of marmots which lived nearby she kept her cool and was easy to redirect back to focus.

Amazing trip for Tilly!  She got to experience a whole lot and she was exhausted afterwards.  Great for you Tilly!!!

Submitted By: Tyler Brown