November came and went really quickly! We did a lot of big walks in November in the leaves. Kicking up leaves makes Tilly go really zoomie. She loves the falling leaves and the frost on the grass makes her get into random fits of zoomieness too. She’s not a huge fan of getting soaked in the rain which is funny for a lab who loves to swim.

To explain a couple of the pictures. We were putting up our Christmas tree and Tilly thought it would be fun to jump into the box. It ended up like her fort. She layed in there for a couple hours and didn’t want to come out. In the picture with the unicorns, we were at Home Depot getting Tilly more comfortable to animatronic things because she’s been pretty afraid of these since she saw them at Home Depot for Halloween. She followed my wife and I into a herd of unicorns and sat there making funny faces as well as trying to sniff their rears. She wasn’t showing signs of stress, just really confused that the tiny horses didn’t smell. She’s still showing concern of animatronic things that move but if it’s still she becomes confident and goes for a sniff. She is slowly improving.

We have also been practicing a lot more loose leash walking which Tilly is finding increasingly challenging with all the good smells. On the win side of things she’s getting really great at duration during skills. She has done a five minute sit duration and will do an even longer down. She aims to please.

Submitted By: Tyler Brown