Tilly had some fun times in October. She came to the final game of the season for the Vancouver Whitecaps and as usual, was a really well behaved little girl. Tilly and I also got off work early on a sunny Friday in mid October and went to Buntzen lake for a late season paddleboard. Tilly really loves being on the water and is surprisingly relaxed enough to fall asleep on the paddleboard.

One day she had a fun run around in the mud at the dog park with her pals. She was a mucky mess and went straight to Bosleys for a wash. She loved getting muddy but wasn’t as keen on the bath.

To end off the month, Tilly got dressed up as Woof, Waldo’s dog. She commuted and stayed in costume all day. I think she knew she looked awesome! She didn’t wear the glasses all day though. In the evening we were out walking when the fireworks were booming everywhere and the brave little girl was curious but not bothered by the booming of fireworks at all.

Submitted By: Tyler Brown