Hi friends!

I’ve had an exciting month and I can’t wait to share all my adventures with you. I started off the month with the same daily routine as July. My raiser and I went to coffee shops on most days for her to study and I settled on the floor.

Then, it got more interesting when I went on an airplane again! I was a very good boy for the whole travel day. It was the first time we’d travelled alone, just the two of us, so I had to be extra good. I did a beautiful “down” stay, then “here” at security and was very happy to walk around and wait in the airport. I behaved great on the flight too. I slept for most of it and occasionally tried to say hello to the person sitting beside us, but Mom kept stopping me.

While we were in Vancouver, I had my GDBart assessment, went on some fun trail walkies, and met up with some of my Campus Canines friends to work on our dog distraction skills. It was so much fun to see my buddies again. Then, guess what? I went on another flight! We flew back to Winnipeg for the last few weeks of summer. I was, once again, a very good boy on the flight and during the 2 hours of delays at the airport.

Then, I went on a weekend road trip to the US. I actually enjoyed the 6-hour drive each way because I had my comfy bed to sleep on. I stayed in a hotel and explored the Mall of America with my raiser.

At the end of the month, me and my older dog buddy tagged along on a cottage girls’ trip! We took long naps in the cozy cottage, ran on the beach, and got lots and lots of cuddles. I went swimming in the lake and found many sticks to run around with on the beach.

I think I should get some frequent flyer points because I ended the month with another flight! Can you believe it? Three flights in one month! I did very well once again. I listened and settled super well in the airport and took a nice long nap during the flight.

August 31st was my gotcha day! I’ve officially been with my raiser for a year! We will be starting university classes soon, so I’ll report back about my adventures next month.

– Tio

Submitted by: Sophie Pantel