This month started off with lots of fun and excitement with lots of off-leash and hybrid walks and play dates!

All of the cherry blossom trees lost their blossoms, so my raiser decided to do a photoshoot with some very pretty results. I have noticed she does like to get lots of pictures with flowers, but it does also mean that we are working on my duration, which is puppy steps, until my raiser’s knees/bends down, and then I think it’s cuddle time.

We had some fun trips out including to the North Van night market and to the BC Distilleries event where PADS had an auction and my raiser spent too much money!

Then in the middle of the month and the reason I had been extra cuddly appeared and I went into my first heat, and this meant that my outings to shops and malls were put on hold and I got to wear these pretty fancy pants. I’m not a fan of getting my tail put in them, but I didn’t mind when they were on.

I could still go to the office and was moral support to my raiser finishing her course and showing the guys how to use a ladder (working on perching), and if I wasn’t too tired after work my raiser would take me on lots of sniffy walks around the neighbourhood and Grand Boulevard.

I also meet a new sitter Emme, who will be sitting me over the next couple of weekends while my raiser has Spark and Guides camps, she is really nice!

I can’t wait for next month as lots of adventures are planned, with sleepovers with Emme and when I am allowed back into cape.

Submitted by: Sarah