Our first PADS pup arrived this month! Our family was introduced to Tygra, and she has been amazing. We know that the usual Pupdates are focused around the dog’s firsts, but we’ve decided to change things up a bit. Our own pet dog was introduced to a PADS pup. Tygra was awesome and played so gently with her. We were floored that a dog five times the size of our pet could be so docile, even in high-energy play. Our daughters fell in love! Tygra taught them patience and how to walk, talk and act calmly around the new puppy. We couldn’t believe that Tygra would take direction from both our 6 and 8-year-old girls. Kurt re-learned what it was like to nap on the floor and how much his chiropractor charges for back adjustments, while Daniela got to take another puppy out for walks. 

This month’s focus has been on being calm and not making Tygra the star of the show every minute of every day…. even though she really should be! Our family has kept energy levels down, moved slowly and calmly, and Tygra is starting to realize that being a chill puppy is rewarded with even more love. We are all so grateful for the opportunity Tygra and PADS have given us, and we are looking forward to working with everyone even more. 

Submitted by: Daniela, Kurt and the Murphy Family