Tygra’s first three months with us have flown by, and it was time spent on creating calmness when in the house, and around other people. Tygra has learned that she is not the centre of attention… that role belongs to Kurt. The family has started trying to build confidence in Tygra by showing her that humans do not need to be by her side every second of the day. The family has done some repeat exposures over the month and each time she revisits a place she is that much more confident; by the third visit she is a master!

We’ve also discovered that as energetic as Tygra is, she has an amazing ability to reset, and calm herself. She can go from a pup play date to successful skills training in the blink of an eye.

Tygra visited her first circus and didn’t even flinch when the human cannonball exploded out of his cannon, she cheered on the Vancouver Whitecaps at BC Place, has been to a few swim meets, went to the drive-in movies and hung out at the parks and spray parks with Daniela, Isabella and Savannah.

Tygra is showing some amazing skills, loves to train and work, and is learning to be comfortable existing while the world goes on around her. She will have an opportunity to learn with some different families over the month of August and we can’t wait to see how much more she’ll improve.

Submitted by: Kurt, Daniela, Isabella and Savannah