This month was a month of big exposure for Tygra! She was a champ and able to overcome different challenges and situations at each one.

The family and Tygra went to the Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery as part of an elementary school field trip. Fish on the ground and 60 children were no problem for her. She was able to keep calm despite the many distractions. Tygra visited the Aldergrove Car Show earlier in the month as part of a puppy meet-up. Loud noises, lots of people that insisted on touching her, and so much food dropped on the ground were quickly overcome, and she settled quickly into the situation.

This puppy continues to show such great service dog characteristics. She is still super cuddly and handler-oriented. Her best buddy, our family dog, Xena and her play so well together despite the 30-pound weight difference. Daniela, Kurt and the kids are so proud of the steps she has made over the last month with her skills and her ability to remain calm in the craziest situations.

Submitted by: Kurt & Daniela Murphy