This past month, Valentine has been focused on correcting her loose leash walking and focus.  She was following her nose for a bit, but she is back on track.

We celebrated her one year anniversary with PADS at the Open House volunteering at the information booth.

She also had some fantastic play dates with the Pumpkin and then with the “Mundy Park Crew” – PADS Patch & PADS Hayward.  She also visited her sitter Pattie where she attended a school end of year assembly with beautiful manners!

Patti reported: “Valentine is an energetic, enthusiastic, loveable puppy.  She loves to practise her cues using all that enthusiasm, and is quick to learn. She settles easily when I am on my computer or sitting quietly but if I am busy she is busy too, bringing me her stuffy and all the other stuffies in the toy box.  In a social situations such as a restaurant, she settles nicely and chills right out She loves her kennel and sleeps thru the nite with comforting snoring!  Loose leash walking is still a work in progress.”

Submitted By: Allison Beardsworth