Veronica December 2015 IMG_4348These past couple of months have been pretty busy!  I’ve spent time at SFU letting students pet me for a ‘De-Stress’ Event.  Hard to believe that people would wait 1/2 hour just to pet me!

I’m still working hard on getting less distracted around other dogs.  Even this one caught my eye!


This month I’ve also got to play a bit in snow!  I know I saw it a little bit last year, but I didn’t remember much about it.  It sure is fun!  Here’s a picture of my practicing my recall – not so bad!

Veronica December 2015 IMG_4422     Veronica December 2015 IMG_4340

I got to practice a ‘Leave It’ Challenge this month and showed off at the PADS Open House how good I was at not touching the kibble.

I got to visit my friend Tomo.  She’s pretty old and gets a bit tired when I play. That’s okay – we just sleep.  It got pretty cold in December where Tomo lives.  Even the lake was warmer than the air!

Veronica December 2015 IMG_4268     Veronica December 2015 IMG_4295

Despite coming from Florida, I LOVE CANADIAN WINTERS!!!!!!

Veronica December 2015 IMG_4242

Submitted by our awesome PADS Puppy-in-Training, Veronica, and her PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Kerry Smith.